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Sports travel entertainment business plan Lean Canvas



1. Problem

 Meet travel needs. health care. entertainment. increase destination recognition. promote the image of Vietnam. create jobs for workers in the destination and the tourism industry, develop entertaining sports movements.

create products for manufacturers. Travel agencies have a new tour package. Promote preventive medicine. implementation of international integration orientation, implementation of the Government's strategic line.

1.1. Customer Segments -

 Domestic and international tourism market. domestic and international visitors. about 20 sports and more. with fans of recreational sports.

2. Unique Value Proposition (UVP).

 - The first sports entertainment complex in Vietnam with many recreational sports and tourism coordination. Travelers. event organization. team building.

- Recreational sports that operate in the region do not owe oxygen. is not a professional sport, high-performance sports do not lose strength suitable for many physical ages. Gender, education level, ethnicity, region, culture, and safety are high compared to competitive and extreme sports.

 non-antagonism directly reduces the risk of injury and the age difference. You can both physically play and create a lot of fun about the outcome of the game. Inspiration or desire to win the possibility of returning to service is very high

 playing sports that burns calories will use more drinks and food,

 - Flexible play time. basic space to play is not large.sufficient to deploy in many small space spaces.Simple portable detachable device, can be transported by tour and played at destination, or permanently placed on site come.

 Can flexibly split into each entertainment sport to play or the whole combination with the content of the series of missions, will meet many tourist segments, can be played without depending on number number of visitors for a game.

can organize flexible small, medium or large tournaments. international standard rules of play, but can be flexible and does not require a high technical knowledge of the instructor. Travelers, event organizers ..

 In combination with FarmStay farm tourism, health tourism, convalescence, functional rehabilitation, volunteer tourism, travel travel, international linkages with the domestic. Guests from multiple countries and within the country can participate at the same time '

Having a prospective international visitor base in more than 40 countries and 20 recreational sports, tourism products have been recognized by both recreational and coordinated sports already around the world and there are unions in association with nation. there have been the third World Cup of recreational sport. and there are recreational sports where tour tournaments are co-hosting in many countries. The same number of fans of recreational sports is considered to be a huge number of visitors, the possibility of returning to history. Use of tourism products is high because of the sport's practice and competition

3) Solution

 - The recreational sports have movements in more than 40 countries around the world. Together with the sports movement, it creates a great awareness of sports and entertainment tourism products. do not require a high level of age, physical condition, or gender. level. ethnic groups, culture, languages, sports techniques, destination space, flexible organization of individual players, small or large tournaments. Simple and flexible rules are popular sports that many countries know and have movements to make it easy to experience. with content combining sports and in travel. suitable for resort tourism. farm travel, theme chain destination tour. eg, leisure sports tour with mountain peaks. coordinating with other sports to increase the experience of exploration and willpower training. love tourism. with sports and entertainment for children in upland areas, suitable for organizing events and novelty teambuilding to meet the needs of tourism to explore new experiences, needs of sports and entertainment.

4) Key Metrics

  - The world's lowest initial cost today.

 - sports tourism content has fewer and more restrictive factors than recreational sport, such as destination conditions, tournament hosting conditions.professional sports required in terms of fitness. Sports expertise is high, requiring travel training that takes time and money, and is safer than adventure sports.

 - Many companies in the tourism industry have stopped operating because of the covid disease 19.The number of companies still operating is very few, creating a high index of competition.

Content richness has not had many recreational sports in a complex like this model in the world.

 - Sports, entertainment and coordination complex is the leading model in recreational and coordinated sports today. flexibly combine many other tourism products such as FarmStay farm tourism. medical, health convalescence and rehabilitation

Copyright Recsports Vietnam- Rights reserved by applicable Laws and International Convention. Voluntary Tourism. Travelers. international . linking and exchanging tourist and tourist destinations. can be combined with other sports available in sports tourism,

 - The model of sport, entertainment and coordination has been protected with high legal status ... has many achievements, recognized by the community, and has been awarded, connecting with sports organizations with the same content in the world. International exposure to the new tour is very high.

5) Revenue streams -

  - From domestic tourists. group. households, etc.

 - From international guests, groups, and retailers

 - Franchise model.

 - retail equipment - documentation - and partially transfer model content according to partner needs.

 - selling recreational and mixed sports souvenirs. brand model.

 - selling clothes, shoes, hats. towel. sports and entertainment content and branding.

 - Event organization. The event is combined with other events because of the novelty and excitement of health. Organize tournaments for each sport with domestic and international visitors or in combination because of the universal nature of the sport. . and the value recognition of sport that has been around for a long time across many countries and peoples. or organize tournaments that link recreational sports with content that performs a series of recreational sport tasks.

 - Renting out each sport and entertainment content or renting a combination of sports, entertainment and coordination models. Collect money from checking in to destinations with sports and entertainment complexes because of the novelty

5.1) Cost Structure

  - Initial cost of modeling and video clip content. image for marketing.

 - Labor cost for operating instructions.

 - repair and replacement costs.

 - expenses for preparing events, tournaments.

Costs for Marketing campaigns.

 - the cost of making a souvenir product. clothes. hat. shoes. towels v, v,

 c-basic cost required to set up the tour.

6) Channels

- on the internet associated with professional organizations in the tourism industry. the availability of travel systems.

 - Independent tour operators, collaborators.

 - destination business establishments.FarmStay. Resort. sea, mountain tourism area, volunteer tourism destination, health and rehabilitation resort.

- Channel linking travel companies, domestic and international travel. Event companies, team building. domestic and international.

 - Internal staffing system by rewarding programs when having contracts with customers.

- Channels of Sports, Entertainment and Coordination Models have built.

- through tourism promotion channels of the Local and relevant national and international organizations.

- Entrepreneurial eco-tourism promotion channels and programs.

7) UnFair Advantage .

   The sports entertainment complex and Recsports Vietnam coordination are protected


Copyright by Recsports Viet Nam


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