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Article 1. Name - Icon

1. Name Vietnamese: Recreational Sports Association Vietnam

2. Abbreviation: association TTGTVN

3. English name: VIETNAM Recreational Associations SPORTS

4. Abbreviation English: VRSA.

5. The symbol (logo)


15589934_1900795546818120_3516079422176864200_n.jpg 15589934_1900795546818120_3516079422176864200_n.jpg



Article 2 Mandate - purpose

1. Mandate:

- Recreational Sports Association of Vietnam (hereinafter referred to as the Association) is a social organization - career with the voluntary participation of organizations and individuals active, contributing physical and mental , promotes a positive help to the development of sports entertainment has formed and developed in the world of sports and entertainment will be formed in the future of international organizations competent sports accredited to Vietnam law are competent institutions in the country including 3 subjects admitted;

+ Snookball (Football coordination Billad) content of 16 balls

+ Footpool (Football coordination Billad) content of 10 balls

+ Footgolf (Football coordinated golf) content 9 holes and 18 holes of golf. And according to the law

Hereinafter referred to as sports entertainment.

2. Purpose:

- Solidarity gather, mobilize all efforts, resources and activities of organizations and individuals in the society in order to develop the training and competition of sports and entertainment content, contribute to improving health health, exercise the will and moral qualities contribute to the strategic development of sports in Vietnam by the Prime Minister for approval. Operating under the law - sports law. Accordance with national traditions for the masses to enhance athletic performance, contribute to improving the status of Vietnam's sports in the region and the world.


Article 3. Scope of activities.

1. Scope of work: associations operating on a national scale. Compliance with laws of the Republic of socialist Vietnam and charter association.

................................................... Approved, subject to the state management of the Ministry of sports culture, sports, tourism and other sectors related to fields of activity of the association, a member of the Vietnam Olympic movement. Recognizing charter, law associations, international sports federations and other international organizations that are members of the association.

2. The Association represents members of sports entertainment (Snookball, Footpool, Footgolf) Vietnam in cooperation with sports organizations continent countries, World and other international organizations in accordance provisions of the law of Vietnam and international treaties to which Vietnam is a signatory.

3. The sports entertainment including:

Asian. Mon Snookball: (Football coordination Billad). Content 16 balls: one ball and 15 ball the troops on each numbered 1 through 15 military ball.

b. Mon Footpool: (Football coordination Billad). Contents of the ball 10 balls including 1 (white), 1 per ball (black), 4 military ball (red), 4 squash (yellow).

C. Mon Footgolf: (Football coordinated golf). Content 9 holes and 18 holes of golf. And according to the law.


Article 4 Legal status, headquarters.

1. The Association has legal status, emblem (logo), seal and accounts opened at banks in accordance with law.

2. The association's headquarters is located in the capital, Hanoi.

3. Representative offices in a number of provinces to be established in accordance with law.


Article 5. Legal language

- The official language is Vietnamese associations, international trading language is English the official language and a number of other associations - the International Federation of corresponding provisions used. The documents, official documents are made by Vietnamese and foreign languages ​​have the same legal value. Where inconsistencies in the translation or understanding, written in Vietnamese will be considered as the official text.




Article 6. Duties

- Association in coordination with the state authorities, economic organizations - social and membership in accordance with the law to implement the following major tasks:

1. Dissemination, advocacy, information science, technical, professional and technical guidance, to exploit the potential in society related to sports entertainment. Establishing relationships domestically and internationally in order to develop the movement, raising achievement in sports entertainment. Use of information technology in the management and organization of the competitions and events organized by the association.

2. Mobilize and gather members to participate in developing recreational sports movement, especially for young people, students, enhance physical for the Vietnamese community living abroad and who do on the territory of Vietnam, environment detection and fostering sports talents.

3. Developing training systems talented athletes by age group, the national team oriented deep specialization, towards professional.

4. Develop training program managers, coaches, trainers, referees and effective use of this staff.

5. Pursuant to play, perform and charter of 3 subjects (Snookball, Footpool, Footgolf) of the federation, the international association of which Vietnam is a member, association guidelines for uniform implementation nationwide according to regulations of the Law.

6. Preparation of the competent state authorities to decide:

Asian. Professional standards, for the athletes, coaches, referees, instructors of the three subjects: (Snookball, Footpool, Footgolf) sports entertainment.

b. Professional standards, for the construction, equipment, accessories and instruments relating to training and competition 3mon: (Snookball, Footpool, Footgolf) coordinate football.

7. Coordinate with state management bodies of sport and international sport organizations and other organizations, organizing professional training courses, short for professional coaches, referees sports entertainment.

8. Expand partnerships with other countries, international sports organizations to exchange experiences and scientific achievements, techniques of sports entertainment. Association as the representative of Vietnam in the international sports organizations have the same field of activity. Introduction and Vietnam sent representatives of participating organizations. Bachelor athletes coaches, referees attending international conferences, participation in tournaments run by the international sports organizations to invite related fields of activity of the association.

9. Recommend to the state of all programs and policies aimed at strengthening the physical condition, technique, use and reasonable remuneration for coaches, athletes, sports arbitration award suitable legal position.

10. To mobilize social resources to attract funding and abroad. Organization of economic activities according to legal provisions for funding the activities of the association.

11. Receive and implementation of operational activities transferred by the state as prescribed by law.

12. Membership Development, supporting the organization at the local level, the professional sector and profession.

13. Protection of rights and legitimate interests of its members in accordance with the law, settling disputes between athletes, coaches, referees and other members under the jurisdiction issues resolved by Associations.

14. Other duties consistent with the provisions of the law on associations.


Article 7: Powers:

1. Recognition of achievement, class, professional, disciplined recreational sports, other professional titles for individuals and groups.

2. Recognition of professional standards for the construction, equipment, instruments and sports-related exercise and play sports entertainment.

3. Upon approval of the authorization of the State management agency on physical training and sports. Issuance Association competition rules, organization and administration of competitions, performances recreational sports on a national scale. Collaborating with international sports organizations to organize competitions, performances of international sports and entertainment in Vietnam.

4. Empower and dared police members in organizing tournaments or events under management, organization and operating on the basis of the charter issued by the association after the state agency authorized to allow .

5. Issuing within uyền and ensure the implementation of regulations in the operation management, control and administration, which includes the organization of the tournament, registration and management trainer, weight talented athletes, transfer exploitation of commercial rights, media rights in the tournament, the event organized by the association in line with the relevant provisions of national law and international institutions that association membership.

6. Coordinate with state management agencies on sports, recruiting and preparing a full-established national team leisure sports to participate in international competitions and participate in Vietnam's sports delegation .

7. Owning all rights arising out of the tournament and events under management, organization and administration of the association, including financial rights, rights gi image recording, production development radio and television, multimedia communications, advertising, marketing and other rights under the laws of Vietnam.

8. Empower use and distribute images, audio and other data forms of the game and events under management, organization and administration of the association.

9. The other powers in line with the provisions of the law on associations.



Members of sports associations recreational Vietnam including full-fledged members (member organizations and individual members) and honorary members.


Article 8. The member organizations

1. The member organizations include: associations, federations, clubs and other social organizations are established in accordance with law, is operating legally in localities, sectors and organizations economic, and social organizations in the country admitted to abide by the charter of the association, laws and regulations of the international sports organizations which are members of the association, voluntarily apply for joining the closing of annuities under provisions are considered to be recognized as an official member organizations of the association.

2. Profile acceding include:

Asian. An application for accession.

b. Copies of the decision of the state bodies authorized to permit the establishment

C. List of key leaders

d. Written commitment charter compliance associations and other relevant regulations.

3. Benefits

Asian. Delegates were sent to join the discussion and vote on the issue in the agenda of the association congresses, comments and personal criticism of the leading body of the association, introduced participants congress, national representative, introduced delegates election candidates and the leadership body of the association.

b. Have priority use of the means of training and competition, scientific information about professional and other forms of association services.

C. The tournament is organized by the association and the licensing conditions or authorization.

d. Bachelor of athletes, coaches, referees, members participate in activities and competitions organized by the association.

e. Be certified (membership organization).

Hey. Protected the legal rights and legitimate, reward for achievements.

4. Obligations:

Asian. To abide by state laws, regulations and decisions of the association, paying yearly dues as prescribed.

b. Respect and abide by the law, the charter of the international sports organizations which are members of the association.

C. Actively participate in the activities of the association. Contribute effectively to the development and improve the level of sports entertainment has cooperated.

d. Constantly consolidating and developing the organization and facilities of sports activities (sports and entertainment) in units or localities.

e. Membership development, organizing activities for members in the club and other similar organizations at local, basis in accordance with the charter of the organization and the law of the state.

Hey. Reported results of operations for the association under the provisions of the charter.


Article 9. Individual members.

1. Citizens of Vietnam. Even citizens Vietnam are studying the work of foreigners living in the association charter endorsed voluntarily join the association, pay membership fees as prescribed can be recognized as full-fledged members of the union foul. Members can also be members of the association and is a member of a member organization, entity or club which that organization is a member organization of the association.

2. Benefits

Asian. To participate in discussions and vote on the issues to be raised in the organization of the association. Elected, candidates, as delegates to the congress higher level and to participate in the leadership bodies of the association under the provisions but members must be held where members are engaged in activities to introduce and nominations.

b. Are associations protecting legitimate interests, create favorable conditions for training and competition, enhance learning and qualifications to participate in activities organized by the association.

C. Prioritized using the workout facilities at the base are members of the association.

d. Be rewarded for achievements deserve.

e. Be issued membership cards.

3. Obligations.

Asian. To abide by the state laws and regulations, resolutions and decisions of the association.

b. Pay membership fees as prescribed.

C. Respect and abide by the law, the charter of the international sports organizations which are members of the association.

d. Learning, practicing actively, creatively constantly improve professional skills, professional and sporting achievements.

e. Propaganda develop new members.


Article 10. Honorary members

1. Citizens and organizations in Vietnam, the social organization of international sports, there are no conditions to become official members but contributed to the association, can be recognized as honorary members.

2. Honorary members are invited to attend the conference, congress delegates tenure, are giving their opinions, but not to vote, to vote, to stand for the leadership body of the association.


Article 11. Out of the association.

- Members (individuals and organizations) want out of the association must submit an application to the Executive Committee to consider and decide, before the formal decision that members have resolved to complete all matters related to union associations, organizations and other members.






Chapter IV



Article 12. The principle of operation.

- The Association is organized and operated under the principle of voluntary, self-governing, democratic trade union unity in action, by majority decision, financial autonomy and operate within the framework of state law and charter association, recognition and respect for laws, rules and regulations of the federations, international sports associations that are members of the association.


Article 13. Structure.

1. Congress

2. Executive Committee.

3. Standing.

4. Inspection Board

5. The Committee, professional Council 3mon: Snookball, Footpool, Footgolf.

6. Office associations and affiliated organizations.


Article 14: General Assembly

1. The General Assembly of the association are: the Congress tenure and extraordinary congress was held in the form of congress delegates. The Congress is the highest leading body of the association, held 04 (four) years and 01 (a) once summoned by the Executive Committee. Number of delegates and participants decided by the Executive Committee.

2. Congress shall only be held when more than ½ (one half) of the official delegates were summoned there.

3. In case of necessity, the Executive Committee may convene extraordinary general meeting when at least 2/3 (two thirds) of the number of members of the executive committee or more requests in writing extraordinary congress did not discuss and decide on the matter is not in the content summoned.

4. Principles of Congress vote:

Congress may vote in the form of dirty hands or secret ballot, the voting regulations by the Congress decision. The vote to approve the decisions of the meeting must be more than ½ (one half) official delegates present agree.

5. Delegates attending the meeting include:

Asian. Member of the Executive Committee of the incumbent

b. Delegates held by the nominated members (the number of delegates by the Executive Committee to consider and decide each case specific).

C. Representatives of agencies and organizations, relevant members by the Executive Board introduced the incumbent.

d. Honorary members, personal representatives, leaders of organizations honorary membership by the Executive Committee decided for each specific case.

6. Duties term congress:

Asian. Check the composition and status of deputies

b. Elected union president and secretariat

C. Program through Congress any amendment, supplement or change the conference program is valid only when more than ½ (one half) of participants through voting by way of adoption or vote private.

d. Discuss and approve the report of the Executive Board on the activities of the Congress in the last term and the program of activities in the coming term.

e. Discuss and decide on the supplement, amend the charter.

Hey. Report and financial decisions.

g. Decision on the number, structure and organization Executive Committee Executive Committee election next term associations.

H. Elected chairman of the association.

i. Elected board examination.

k. Congress adopted Resolution.

l. Other issues expected in the Agenda.


Article 15. Executive Committee.

1. Executive Committee by the General Assembly directly elected by dirty hands form or ballot. Executive Committee leadership and monitoring the activities of the association in the period between the two congresses.

2. The Executive Committee meetings per year 01 (a) by the chairman of the operating time or the president authorized in writing to discuss and decide on the annual work program and policy measures relating to the implement the resolutions of the General Assembly decided to congress and extraordinary, through the report, the draft, the convention project will unify the policies and measures in order to direct important implementation tasks of the association.

3. During the term of the Executive Committee may be supplemented or replaced but not more than 1/3 (one third) of the number of executive board decisions by the General Assembly. The addition or removal Executive Committee members should be given in periodic conference or abnormalities of the Executive Board and adopted voting by secret ballot forms or dirty hands, the Executive Committee members elected must meet at least half of the votes (part two) and take the order from the highest number of votes until the full amount. If not enough, whether or not supplemented by the Executive Committee decision.

4. Conference Executive Committee shall be conducted only valid when more than 2/3 (two thirds) of the Executive Committee members present. The decision of the meeting shall be adopted if more than ½ (one half) of the members present agree.

5. Member of the Executive Board wish to opt out of the executive committee must send an application to the Executive Committee of the association for consideration and decision. Before exiting the executive committee to hand over the work, facilities, finance their charge to organizations and individuals authorized by the Executive Board.


Article 16. Standing:

1. Standing are: chairman, vice chairman, secretary general, chief of staff.

2. Standing is an agency of the Executive Committee on behalf of the Executive Committee and the executive leadership of the association activities between two meetings of the Executive Committee. The meeting was conducted only Permanent valid when more than 2/3 (two thirds) of the permanent members present.

3. The duties and powers of the standing.

Asian. Executive leadership and routine work of the association.

b. Directing and organizing the implementation of resolutions of the Executive Committee.

C. Construction and approval of the operating regulations of the leading agencies and departments, councils.

d. Business Bonus

e. Disciplinary decisions at the request of the inspection committee.

4. The principle of operation:

- Assign and assign direct responsibility of the president to the vice president and the other members. The meeting of the standing meeting chaired by the President or the President authorized in writing by a majority vote. Contents of the meeting must be recorded in writing.


Article 17 Chairman

1. The President is a national association Vietnam by the General Assembly directly elected by dirty hands form or ballot.

- Chairman of the persons responsible before the law and the association for all activities of the association.

2. The Chairman is responsible for directing and managing the activities of the association, convene and preside over the meetings of the Executive Committee, Standing, signed the Resolution of the Executive Committee and the decision of the association , important issues need to be consulted and have the consent of a majority of the permanent, in case of emergency. After issuing documents to inform other members of the standing.

3. The Chairman of the account holders of the association of economic organizations and other institutions related to the activities of the association.




Article 18: Vice President

1. The Vice President is elected by the executive committee of the executive board members at the proposal of the President in the form of a show of hands or secret ballot.

2. The Vice President shall assist the President and with the president responsible for the association's activities and fields of work assigned by the president, to sign documents authorized by the President and mandated .

3. When necessary the Chairman appointed 01 deputy permanent chairman.


Article 19: The test

1. Inspection Board elected by the general meeting, the number of board members examine decisions by Congress. Head checks are trustees executive committee elected by direct inspection board of trustees trtong inspection committee, board members do not necessarily check the executive board members. Head of the test are invited to attend the meetings of the standing when discussing relevant issues.

2. Inspection Board operates independently, working under collective mode. Members have the right to check (including the highest titles) when signs of membership standards violations in the implementation of the tasks out the line resolutions, directives and regulations associations, inspect the collection, financial expenses may request provided all relevant documents to the test content.

3. Inspection Board to consider, during the conclusion of the case decided to denounce the association, its members, the discipline violation cases, in violation of the charter association, competition rules, cheating and permanent recommendations issued form of discipline.


Article 20: General Secretary

1. The Secretary-General elected by the executive committee at the request of the chairman of the executive board members in the form of a show of hands or secret ballot.

2. The Secretary-General has duties and powers:

Asian. Help permanent president and executive routine work of the association.

b. Coordinate with the vice president in charge of implementing the resolutions of the Executive Committee, the decision of the Permanent.

C. Subscribe to the coordination, coordinating the activities of the organization under the ban, the Council and members of the association.

d. Sign documents authorized by the President, to prepare the content and reporting on the activities of the association at the meeting of the standing and the executive board.

e. On behalf of the President to ensure the relationship with its members and the international organizations that are members of the association.

Hey. Selection and introduction of key personnel for permanent executive and appointed president.

g. Documents signed by presidents and delegated authorization.

H. The first authorized account holder of the association.


Article 21: The Deputy General Secretary

1. Deputy General Secretary appointed by the President at the proposal of the secretary-general.

2. tong deputy secretary executive secretary to help professional work and some other specific work assigned by the Secretary General.


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